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One of the most common reasons to need somewhere to store your possessions is moving house which can be an exciting but stressful time, especially if you find yourself stranded between properties in a moving chain.

If you need a temporary storage unit for your larger items and valuables until you move into your new home, Storage 2000 is on hand with safe, secure and clean spaces to rent for sort o long-term periods

Storage may also be needed when renovating a house or carrying out building work that may damage valuable items if left in the home. Give your builders a break and clear your house of any items you can manage without for a short time. Once your home is clean and ready, your possessions can be delivered or taken back home.

When selling your home, consider de-cluttering to make your home look larger to buyers. Store kids’ larger toys to clear garden sheds and playrooms. Don’t leave your garden furniture to the elements in winter or clutter up your house with camping equipment you only use twice a year, store them all safely with us at Storage 2000.

Various sizes of units are available from a small space to the size of a large double garage; all clean dry and safe to store your possessions. At Storage 2000, we can supply clean safe storage for all of your home storage requirements.

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